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I am a 30 year old businessman in Hawler (Arbil, north Iraq). I have lived in Europe for almost 15 years, but now I work for a family investment company. Surely I would like to let know you people more, but I want to stay in once peace. I love bloging because it gives me the satisfaction to write about my thoughts.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Biji Isreal! Long live Isreal!

Former covert Israeli forces 'training Kurds in Iraq'

Israeli firms are carrying out military training and commercial activities in Kurdish areas of north Iraq, according to reports in an Israeli newspaper.

Yedioth Ahronoth reported yesterday that dozens of former members of Israel's elite and covert forces were training Kurdish fighters in anti-terrorism techniques.

Other companies, the newspaper said, were involved in telecommunications and infrastructure projects such as the building of an airport at Irbil.

Iraq and Israel are still officially at war, though since the 1960s Israel and the Iraqi Kurds have had a relationship. A spokesman for the Israeli foreign ministry said his country had no relationship with the new Iraq and it remained "at war".

The article follows detailed reports in the New Yorker last year saying that Israel had become heavily involved with the Kurds from 2003. It suggested Israel had a strategic interest in supporting Kurdish forces, as a counterweight to Sunni and Shia groups in Iraq. Involvement in the region also gave Israel better access to intelligence from Syria and Iran, particularly Iran's nuclear programme.

Israel supported Kurdish rebels against the Ba'ath regime in Baghdad until 1975. The Kurds, who are Muslim, have never been as anti-Israeli as many Muslims in other countries. They have felt persecuted by Sunnis and have resented Yasser Arafat's support for Saddam Hussein.

A spokesman for the Kurdistan regional government said: "It is possible that people with Israeli passports visit. Many Jews from Kurdistan resettled in Israel. We do not discriminate against any nationality that wants to ... work in Kurdistan, but there are no official links."

Israel cannot officially admit its involvement in the regime because it might encourage extremist groups, such as al-Qaida in Iraq. But Israelis are regularly seen in the Kurdish towns of northern Iraq, working as security guards and trainers. It is not clear whether they work for international security firms or are doing independent work.

Israelis representing private firms were seen looking for opportunities at a recent trade fair in Irbil. Yesterday's report also stated that Israeli companies had set up a base in a remote area of Kurdistan, using it for weapons and anti-terrorism training and bringing in "dozens of motorcycles, sniffer dogs, Kalashnikov-upgrading devices, flak jackets, uniforms and helmets, all Israeli-made". It claims Israelis pose as agricultural and engineering experts.

Development and security projects in Kurdistan are undertaken by several countries, including Turkey, the US, Iran, Britain and Germany. Israel's main ally in the region is Turkey, which is concerned that the Kurds might declare independence from Iraq. Turkey, like Syria and Iran, has a substantial Kurdish minority within its population.

Source: Guardian , also read

Well, I confirm that there are CIA and Israelis in Hawler. The CIA agents are located at a hotel (hired by a cover up Kurdish company registered to KDP) and the Israelis are located in Ankawa and have an area about 20 000 meter sq. And you don't want to pass any of these buildings because the guards are always on alert. That means they have their guns insecure and ready to shoot anyone they think might be a danger to them. They look straight into your eyes when you pass by.

I hope the Jewish and the Kurdish people join in many ways. I would prefer a Jewish company rather than an Arabic or Turkish based on my political view. Who cares! Whats the big deal anyway? The Kurds are afriad of the terrorists and the Jews are afriad of the Turkish army.
I love the Jewish people and I think we have alot to learn from them. Look at them, we have to have them as our role model for statebuilding, using our knowlgde power and economic benfits to gain more power in politics hence creating a free Kurdistan. Only if I was the president.

Also I found out that we have almost an half of million in North East of Iran! The sons and daughters of Kurdish worries that defended the Persian Empire now live under the Islamic Persian tyranny. What lessons are to be learned in our history!

Other stuff, oil found in Dohuk. Who care!? Like 99% of it will end up in a Swiss bank account registered to Massoud Barzani or one of his clan members. Believe me no one cares about it. No one even talks about it.

I saw some police with anti-demonstrations gadgets. They wore about 20 police heading to downtown. I wonder if the roomers are true. About anti-KRG demonstrations.

Anyways has a long trip ahead... bye from Hawler...