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I am a 30 year old businessman in Hawler (Arbil, north Iraq). I have lived in Europe for almost 15 years, but now I work for a family investment company. Surely I would like to let know you people more, but I want to stay in once peace. I love bloging because it gives me the satisfaction to write about my thoughts.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

My intervention

- You are lost my friend. You are been fooled by ”westernars” and blinded by lust, said Sirwan.

- Get a grip of your life. You are going straight to hell. You are in the dark my friend, said Karwan with his worried eyes.

- We care about you and it’s now time for you to join the Friday prays, you kafir! You stupid man! Waving his hands in the air my childhood friend Miran.

Holey crap, this is an intervention. It’s not for my alcohol consumption or drug problems of any kind. It was for my lack of interest of Islam or anything that Allah might like me to do. I drink, I would smoke weed if I could get hold on it, and I would have extramarital relationships but my wife is all I will ever need of a woman. I lie at least 20 times a day (hey give me a break! I am businessman.) How can you not love sins?

- So that’s why you guys brought me over here? To turn me to a “muslim”? I replied.

We had a 5 hour discussion over God or Allah and still they did not manage to break me. I know Miran is mad at me since I told him about my thoughts.

I see their disappointment in their face. They did not manage to “change” my views. They are amazed by the things I say. Things like we cannot possibly be son of Adam and Eve. Things like we wore not the first creatures on this planet. The thing is according Islam dinosaurs did not exist. If they did actually exist then they will be the first creatures on this planet. And also Allah created the planet in 7 days but we all know that is impossible. I think science and religion are the worst enemies. According to Islam the world did not exist 200 000 years ago.

With all do respect, why do muslims want to turn everyone else to muslims?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Turkish savages kill Kurdish children

With such acts of Turkish savageness there is little patience to not hate. If these Turkish savage policemen and soldiers are not sons of the Turkish people, than what are they? Pure evil?

How long should we give peace and humanity a chance? And if so what is peace when your children are dying in the hands of the people you offer you peace. Can we hold the Turkish people responsible for what is happening to our people?

See what the sons of the Turkish people, the scraps of fascist Ata Turk is doing to our people.

Children killed by the Turkish people.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Ibo is son of a Turk! Dooouuuuu!!

There you go. Ibrahim Tatlises also called "Ibo", the God we worshiped as teenagers and the voice that comforted me late nights when I was in love with next door girl. I had his posters all over my walls and I owned original tapes which was very expensive and hard to find. All the time I was in love with this mans voice, I find out he is a son of a Turk. Daaaauuu!!!!

At a news conference in Hawler, he talked Turkish only and told people that he was “Turk and son of Turk”. He got paid 2 million dollars according to some newspapers but I hardly believe that. Two weird looking brothers and owners of some huge company are paying the bill. Hell why not! I am corrupt money is not that hard to get or loose. The brothers have close ties with the Barzani family and according some people they are partners in some major projects.

Since news agencies and journalists are not to trust all the time, I will wait and see if he responds to the allegations or I will check the news conference next time.

Until then I have all my CD’s and Tapes in a bag besides a half gallon gas so I can burn all the shit. My PKK friends told me he would sell his soul for a few bucks and I the Ibo-fan as I am I absolutely defended that dickhead like a true fan.

Any ways, my heart goes tot the brave people of Kurdistan in the North where our young people are revolting against the Turkish fascist government and a despised police force.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The "Mas ul" Factor in Hawler

”Mas ul” means the responsible or the person in charge of something. It was used in the Baath ruled Kurdistan as a common word for every high Baath official. Today however it stands for every Kurdish man that has a connection, political power, mafia-type families and of course the politicians and their families and friends.

The “Mas ul” drives a “Monica” or what you people in the west call a Toyota Landcruiser most likely the latest year model that costs up 60 000 USD. He has a big black mustasch, one or two murder-looking “bodyguards” or cousins if not a whole pickup full of gunmen. In the morning he is a sleep or visiting an other “Mas ul”. At noon just he sleeps yet again after a huge expensive lunch. In the evening he overseas his projects or any other type of business that has been paid by corruption money. In the afternoon and late at night the “Mas ul” finally goes where is most feeling at home. At the bar where maybe he intoxicates his conscience if he has one left.

To get the picture think of the mafia going down town in the mid 70’s and 80’s. They think they are above society they treat people like dirt and if someone evens tries to tell them they way off they get humiliated or in worse cases they get beaten up by his gang.

In secret we spit and curse them. Exactly what we did with the Baath. If the KDP/PUK keeps on this type of mobsters like type “families” continue I am sure that it will lead to a backlash where we will be throwing stones on their head. I will be the first to cast a stone.

Friday, November 04, 2005

We should all listen to Kani Xulam

Kani Xulam

There is one Kurdish man that can truly inspire me to write and to think critically about the Kurdish struggle. He is a man that has followed his heart rather than money or power.

Kani Xulam is one of a kind of a man; if our leaders had a third part of his brains I am sure we would’ve had our country free from our enemies. He is a man of common sense, down to earth but yet his articles are challenging your thoughts. I would follow him every where any time.

His latest article about Öcalan and the PKK is brilliant. I never trusted the “pro” PKK supporters or the “anti” PKK friends I had. I was always neutral but I hated the word terrorist to be used on PKK fighters. Still I would like to see our young brothers and sisters from the HPG to return and fight peacefully with political means.

Mr. Kani Xulam dose his homework when he writes articles or delivers speech. The Öclan "leadership" has gone to far now. I agree with Xulam. I don't mean that we should put a end to the PKK and thier struggle for our freedoms but rather change it's leadership structure and maybe adjust their policies to the current global politics.

Now the Apo fans are promoting the Ata Turk ideology as role model for the future Kurdistan. Through out your nationalism my friends and embrace Ata Turks ideology now. They are now saying that Ata Turks policies was “misunderstood” and misused. I don’t want to waste more time on this brainwashed mentality so I just have to say: BS.

Read Xani's the article here

Kardox is back

I sat down in at the hotel lobby in Istanbul for business and checked my e-mail accounts. I read some news and just like that I found my self on my own blogpage. It was almost a year ago I was here. I think I had to remove myself from the world for a year. A lot of tragic events has happened with my family. It has not been a easy year for me.

I don’t know if people will care to read my blog, I guess the blog has always been more for me rather then for others. It was like my anger, pain was transmitted to the holy world of WWW through my keyboard.

So bare with me, I will write blogs at least once a week.