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I am a 30 year old businessman in Hawler (Arbil, north Iraq). I have lived in Europe for almost 15 years, but now I work for a family investment company. Surely I would like to let know you people more, but I want to stay in once peace. I love bloging because it gives me the satisfaction to write about my thoughts.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

First sign of civil war

The beheading of the three young Kurdish boys has created such hatred for Arabs that several Arabs for the past day has been killed or beaten. According a friend of mine 3 Arabs wore killed by Kurds in Mosul yesterday after the video of the Kurds wore published on a website.

Arab gangs in Kerkuk are kidnapping Kurdish children and demanding their families for ransom has also generated a lot of hatred.

This anger people feel will soon boil over and Kerkuk will turn into a battlefield and the Americans cannot do anything to stop it.

If the Arab tribes in the Mosul area join into this ethnic fight, the civil war will spread to Mosul too.

It’s getting harder and harder to not give in to hate or racism but I think there is a point where a human cannot resist feeling hatred towards Arabs. The educated and non-fanatic Arabs are the most wonderful people we can live with, but their fanatics and pan-Arabs are dreadful.

I wonder when this Kurdish leadership will actually admit that Kurds are in war against this new wave of terrorists and send in Peshmerga to Kerkuk, Mosul and create a clear Zone and also a buffer zone from Iraq.

By the way, WHERE ARE THE LEFT WING EUROPEANS AND AMERICANS? Why don’t they condemn this? Whey don’t they organize demonstrations against these Islamists? Where is their compassion and love for peace and humanity? Where the hell are they? I want to se a few left wing demonstrates on the street of Europe, come on

Thursday, September 09, 2004

So much to do, so little time

My company has recently recived some big orders, I will be traveling alot.

Everybody is doing bussniess now, everyone has a company. Millions of dollars are on the moeny flow everyday.

Recently a poll showed that PUK would win any election in Hawler, I think the KDP has just relized that and now they are out there threating with war if Kerkuk is not included in Kurdistan.

I think the Kurdistan election will be more about which leader can actully do SOMETHING. Like giving Kerkuk back to us. Making it clear where the Turkmens are standing, either on our side or the Turks and Shiites. God knows, the Kurds are egger to know if they have a enmey within us.

Don't get me wrong, my relatives are half Turkmens and half Kurdish. But if anyone relative Turkmen or Kurdish is against the Kurdish dream and Kerkuk for Kurds, I would consider them as enimies and there for I would fight them by any mean necceary.

I have met alot of Kurdish politicans, they are all pissed off by the passive goverment of Iraq. The goverment is totaly ignoring the Kurdish areas and gives speciel treatments to the Arabs.

Now, we have to leave again.

I am not home right now, I don't have word processer on this computer so sorry for the spellings! This crapy internet connection is killing me. I miss Europe, for all it's technical stuff. Like boardband Internet, mobile phones that work. But mostly I miss all the sitcoms on TV, like Frisher, Friends, ER, Simpsons.

A friend of mine is coming back from Sweden to visit me, he told me that he has a 200GB worth of CSI, SIMPSIONS, and some other sitcomes.

I also heard from a Kurdish friend in Europe that a secret Kurdish organization is built to hunt down Baath members in Europe. Maybe it is not true or true. Who knows. I will be publishing more on this issue in a later article.

For now on, I will transalte some Kurdish words to English on the end of each blog article.

Direct transalation:
Ba ser chaw = on eyes
"with pleausre" ex.
A askes B: Could you bring your car? B answers: with pleasure! or in Kurdish "ba ser chaw"

Friday, September 03, 2004

France tastes the bitter taste of Islamic terrorism

Europe generally apposes the war on Iraq, you might say they are pacifists or just wanting Saddam in power long enough to pay his debits to France, Italy and Germany.

What seems so naive for the European socialist countries is that they have a very unrealistic view of Islamic terrorism. They still believe that the new “Jihad” of Islamic terrorisms is merely a war between USA and the terrorists. But in fact the new Islamic wave of terror is a global war declared on everyone who stands in their way.

France is not excluded in the playground. They will be attacked by Islamic terrorists, they will be hit so hard that they would probably send their own army to Syria, Iran or any other country that supports terrorists.

Recently two French journalists, ironically they wore there to report everything negative on USA troops and now they faced the sword of Islamic terrorists. The kidnappings wore a clear message that France or any other country for that matter dose not has a exclusion on the list of Islamists.

This new war is not between USA and Islam; it’s against those who endure democracy and human rights and those who despise these basic elements of humanity.

I do believe and hope that Iraq will set standard for democracy in ME, so that people in other “Muslim” countries find what glory and prosperity democracy gives to it’s members of community.

For the past 12 years south Kurdistan (north Iraq) has enjoyed democracy and human rights (comparing to other ME countries) still our democracy is an experiment that needs to worked with years ahead to make it better. Democracy is not static it has to grow and be nursed.

I hope Europe wakes up and finally accept that they are part of this unseen war going on and help USA and Iraq to bring stability to the region.