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I am a 30 year old businessman in Hawler (Arbil, north Iraq). I have lived in Europe for almost 15 years, but now I work for a family investment company. Surely I would like to let know you people more, but I want to stay in once peace. I love bloging because it gives me the satisfaction to write about my thoughts.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

PART 1. The upcoming Civil war in Iraq

I hope my theory is wrong, deeply I wish every word I write in this article would never happen.

The civil war in Iraq and South Kurdistan (which the mainstream media calls it North Iraq) will occur some day between March 2005 and July 2005 and last at least 4 months. At least 30 000 people will lose their life.

The war will be very bloody. Arabs against Kurds, partial Turkmen’s against Kurds, helped by secret Turkish military force. And probably Shiaa among themselves.

It is a disaster waiting to happen. Kerkuk would be the starting point of the civil war. Voting offices will take fire, politicians will start accusing each other for cheating and people will be start killing each other on the street.

The Arabs settlers in Kerkuk and the Kurds will start the first conflict, in the first round the Kurds take control of Kerkuk and many Arabs will be killed probably thousands. A “new” Turkmen force will surface and supported secretly by the Turkish military. Their attacks on Kurds will lead to the death of hundreds of Kurds.

A fantastic Mullah in Karbala announces a week later that it’s the duty of every Muslim to kill and massacre Kurds. Thousands of new Fedayin from south Iraq and other parts will gather in Kerkuk to fight the Kurds.

In the Kurdish city of Hawler, the Kurds start demonstrations calling upon the Turkmen’s and Arabs to stop the killings. Some Turkmen businesses down town get destroyed. Several Turkmen’s and Kurds get killed in days.

The USA starts a major operation to take over Kerkuk and create zones for different ethnic people. Meanwhile 10 000 Turkish soldiers are 20 KM inside Iraq creating an uncomfortable situation for the Kurds.

The Kurdish HPG force (The PKK guerrilla unit) joins the KDP and PUK to create the PUF (Peshmerga United Forces). The guerrilla operations starts and hundreds of Turkish soldiers are sent home in body bags. Turkey starts to get ready for major invasion.

The Kurdish Islamists join the PUF in exchange for more power in the future. The Kurdish Islamists sends in their first force into Kerkuk killing hundreds of Arabs and gets in conflict with the American forces, resulting in killing several Americans.

The USA starts working with Turkey to “remove illegal” forces in Iraq. The PUK and KDP get an offer to surrender their weapons. The Kurdish people in South Kurdistan start to demonstrate against the Americans. The situations becomes too much for the Americans.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Killing the Kurdish dream

Along with Turkey, Iran, Syria and most part of the world our and the Kurdish so called “leaders” dose not desire a true independent Kurdistan. You would believe that the Kurdish leadership would fight for their people after so much suffering, but you are wrong. They fight only for their own prosperity and family mafia like business.

They lack the self-confidence as a leader and has no belief in their own people. The days of geruilla organization structure are over. Today they have to be successful in politics and social issues to win the support of the Kurdish people.

At a meeting with some of KDP high-profile leadership, I found out how they blamed their own people for their incompetents and political failure. They say that the people are “not ready” or they “cannot comprehend true democracy or independence” etc. Naturally wanting to come home in one piece I did not argue otherwise.

Their goal today in South Kurdistan is “autonomy” or “some autonomy”. What it means is that the KDP and PUK leadership wants to hold on the privileges that they enjoyed for the passed 12 years via smuggle oil and merchandize. The rest is just a new black Kurdish history. 

We lived for the dream of an untied independent Kurdistan. Not autonomy. Not kind of autonomy. It was the people that paid the price. It was the true poor peshmerga (Kurdish soldiers) families that really give martyr to the war against Iraq. You will never find a single child of a Kurdish leader been killed in battle. They all have fancy European or American passports, they drive the finest car corrupt money can buy, they never stand in line for anything, their houses raise high with full electricity 24/7, and they buy the finest cloths. All thanks to their dads top job. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.

The assassination of the Kurdish dream is centralized, it comes from the top and down to the puppets of KDP and PUK; the so called “ministers. They shall go to history as the worst leaders of Kurdish history. And millions of Kurds will curse them when they fly back to their sweet villas and the large back accounts in their European Banks mean while the Kurdish people and once again left in front of the barrel of the brand new Iraqi guns.

To you leaders, and sons of the leaders and the puppets I tell you:

We will never let your kill our dream. Our brothers and sisters in Mahabad, Sina, Qamisli, Kerkuk, Amed, and ever other part of Kurdistan, shall see the rumble of South Kurdistan. Their struggle is our struggle, their dream is our dream. Biji Kurdistan!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Kurdish Gold-digger

I just saw a sports talk show with a young Kurdish gymnastic that lives in Finland. He came back to Kurdistan to teach children about gymnastics. I found him very inspirational.
What was most interesting of the program was about this university teacher, (Kurdish off course) travelled to Europe and brought back a lot of equipments. Instead of giving it to his own university he gave it to Baghdad University which is the most richest University in Iraq. Although the Kurdish University in Hawler is in really bad shape, with practically no equipments or good quality halls to train at, he decided to give all the support to Baghdad University.
Why? I will tell you why
This Kurdish Gold-digger thinks if he kisses some asses in Baghdad he could be transferred there, and maybe gets some great connections for his carrier. This Kurdish Gold-digger is an example of the lowest Kurds on this planet. I hope he gets sacked and gets a new job at the Baghdad University (that is what he wants any way).  
This so called teacher should learn a thing or two from the young kid.
I heard also that a European Kurdish organization is about to be build in the near future to support Kurds around Europe to come home and help the Kurds in South Kurdistan. I hope this is true. We need all the help.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Americans & Kurds

The romance began when the Saddam Hussien Statue fell from a Baghdad Square. I saw many Kurdish guerrilla fighters with Bush’s photo on their weapon, cloth and other places. USA flags wore hard to find to buy because for every Kurdish flag there had to be two USA flags.
It was thought that finally we had someone on our side that had the power to take down a tyrant like Saddam.
The young men and women of the USA army did a great job, and for those family that lost their child in war. I can only tell you that your son or daughter died for humanity.  
Not for oil, not for Bush or anything else. They gave their life for humanity. Maybe many Americans don’t know what their army has accomplished. These brave people have saved many lives. A thousand? A million lives they have saved? How many lives can an angel save?
Think what would happened if Saddam ruled for 20 more years? And then his evil son Uday would take over and make Saddam look like Ghandi. Iraq is not Cuba, to ignored. Saddam’s government committed until the very last day of the war crimes against humanity by executing, torturing people on the basis of their ethnic background in the Kurdish city of Kerkuk. For Hitler it was Jews, for Saddam it was the Kurds.
The USA army put a stopped to that by removing its evil root, Saddam & Co.
My opinion and gratitude for the USA army will never change, no matter how politics turnes out. These men and women of USA army are angels, and nothing less. God bless them all, and protect those whom remain in Iraq so they can come home safely to their family. I salute you all.
Although politically the USA has once again subsided the Kurdish issue and has paid too much attention for the Turks. We are left alone with a new gang of Arab former Ba’ath a new pan Arabic nationalist. Once again we stand before history and things are not looking good.
But this time is very different. I have talked to several high ranking politicians; they all said that they are waiting for some kind of “judgement day”, the day when Iraq takes a new or old form. The Kurds are saying now, either our way or the guerrilla way. Kurds for once and all will not compromise its self-determination and political power of the Kurdish region in the sake of peace. 

The state of mind before was that we will be betrayed by the Americans and blab la blab la. The next generation of Kurds refuse to be victimized politically or emotionally, we will fight back. Because we know that this is the turning point in our history. If we miss out this time, we have to wait another 70 years to get the same status we are in today.  
We want to be protected by a Kurdish army, be government by a Kurdish parliament; we want our own laws that are compatible with our culture and life-style. We want to use our natural recourses for our own region. Why? Because we are feed up with Arab governments and we simply don’t trust an Arab government anymore. Would you?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Saddam and his gang must be executed

Generally I am against death penalty for anyone. Europe has already abolished the death penalty while the USA still executes the death penalty in some of its states. But still I would gladly kill Saddam with my bear hands and still feel good enough to start with his other gang members too. I would make Abu Gharib prison look like kinder garden when I am done with these men.

And later that night I would sit down and eat a good Kurdish steak with French red win and smile like never before.

The death penalty must stop after the death of Saddam and his gangs, Saddam was the one whom started this “murder” culture and with him it shall be the end of it. He created the laws that put people in front of the barrel of guns, and shoot down, he too should face it.

The most proper why to execute the penalty would be the following:
On the 16 of March 2005, he should be shot dead and send it live via television so all his victims see him die. The soldiers that stand by and shoot must consist of 3 Kurds, 2 Shiites, 1 Sunni.

For his cousin Ali “Chemical”, he should be brought to Halabaja and be hanged in the center of the city where he killed more than 10 000 people (from all around areas) with chemical attacks. His feet must never toach the ground of Halabja, instead his should be carried by a machine and the put into a plastic bodybag and send him home to Tikrit when he takes his last breath of air.

For other members whom are responsible for carrying out the murders they too should be sentenced to death by hanging.

Well you probably think I am a brutal person. Well, let’s take a minute and think about this. A serial killer in the USA get sentenced to death and you see thousands of people supporting the decision. Well, what if the serial killer is a gang that kills a half of million people? How many Americans would call for the death penalty then?

On the issue of Saddam’s trail
Calling for a “fair” trail of Saddam Hussien just an other tool for left-wing westerns and anti-Americans who want to demoralize the course and to show the world how “unfair” the USA is.

They should call for an “open” trail, and the facts about Russia, China, France, Germany and many other left-wing countries military supported Saddam should come out.

Unfair or fair trail, the facts of what his man did must be acknowledged and shown to the west-blind-peace-anti-war people so the can have nightmares about the crimes this man committed against his people and the Kurds. And MAYBE they could just feel a bit guilty about defending him by calling him worse than Bush.

Saddam’s lawyers that are paid by Ba’ath murders via a cover up “organization” from Jordan. Some are there to take some of some piece of the billions of dollars that Saddam’s daughters have saved from the gang money. What stupid man gave them the liberty to take refugee to Jordan (was it the stupid Talabani?).

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Kurdish leader doesn’t want death penalty for Saddam

Yes, the one and only PUK leader. Jalal Talabani speaks. I really don’t know why he still has his job. The funniest part is that Kurds in south Kurdistan didn’t even know about this.

Trying to save Saddam’s life, to win some “western” points is political suicide. The funniest part is that on his political party TV they talked about this. Jalal Talabani is a lawyer and this making it more wired.

“A lawyer should not talk about what sentence Saddam should receive” said one person on the studio. Yes, it is not in place for lawyer-leader-Kurdish to talk about “not sentencing Saddam to death”.

Get a grip Jalal Talabani. If you are one of his sons, please tell your dad to shut up when he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

If there is one good thing about this, it is that freedom of speech is working.
The KurdSat sattlite channel is owned and driven by PUK party, and still guests criticize the leader.

Go KurdSat Go!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Anti-war people worried about Saddam’s trail

I have respect for pacifists and anti-war people; after all they are just trying to save lives.

Not going into the Iraq war discussion, (we know that we cannot reach a conclusion). I am truly surprised to read many comments on websites and newspaper where people writing about the trail and calling it unfair. Unfair trail?

I think it is wrong to think of the trail as “unfair” or not. I mean, if it is a fair trail he will still recive the maximal penalty. If it is unfair he still will recive the same penalty.

Let me tell you about “unfair” trails. People in Turkey are jailed because they named their children with Kurdish names. Students put out of school and universities and jailed for years because they demanded their basic human rights.

It’s an unfair trail when Kurdish politicians are excuted by Iranian agents, or sencted to jail for years and years.

It’s an unfair trail when children are put to jail because they demonstrate against the Syrian government.

That’s an unfair trail. Before you defend and worry for Saddam’s trail, take a good look at the mirror and be sure that you are looking at a hypocrite.

You have to be a victim to realize and grasp the true nature of living under a tyrant that controls every part of your life. I petty you pacifists and anti-war people.

By the way, in South Sudan 30 000 people wore slaughtered by Arab militias with the help of the Sudan government. Keep me posted on the demonstrations that you guys will be holding against the Sudan government. … (ya, sure right!)

Shler Amin - a victim of KDP and PUK

Shler Amin Mohammed was 13 years old when some ”known” PUK leaders convinced her to carry TNT on her body to blow up KDP members in 1998. At that time the KDP and the PUK wore trying their best to kill each other and made south Kurdistan to a living hell.

Shler never blow her self up. Naturally, a 13 old child would be afraid to blow up people. Instead she gave up and turned her self to the KDP.

She was put to jail without trail for 3 years. And after 3 years she got her trail and the judge gave 6 years in prison but of course the KDP judge didn’t want to include the 3 years she already spent in the jail.

She still is in jail. After 6 years! She suffers from deep depression and has asked for medical care for years but without any response from the KDP.

Shler Amin Mohammed was a child, a victim of the dirty and shameful bloody conflict between the KDP and PUK. She should be released now. She has paid a huge price. The PUK cowardly wanted to use a child for the dirty war, and the KDP being so unfair and cruel.

Free Shler !


Sunday, July 11, 2004

The new Middle Eastern Stripper - Jala Talabani

Yet agin has one of our “great” leaders gone to Turkey to suck up to the Turks, and play important.

I am a shamed of him, I would probably slap him like a bitch if I meet him.

Talabani negotiates the status of Kerkuk with Turkey

He probably thinks he is a genies diplomant but Jalal Talabani is known to have a big moth and talks without thinking sometimes.

On his puppet visit to Turkey, he also dished the PKK and praised Turkey as democratic country. “You big fat shit head” was my first reaction to the news. Turkey a democratic country? Then I realized that this was Talabani we wore talking about. He says the same to Iranians, Syrians too.

He is like bitch stripper that dances with words and create moth drilling effects on the guests, in this case our worse enemies.

To my Kurdish brothers and sisters from North Kurdistan, I apologize on the behalf of our non elected shameful pathetic PUK leader Jalal Talabani. I promise to campaign against him by supporting any true Kurdish organisation/leader that believes in Kurdistan and the Kurdish course (that excludes the KDP off course) in the coming elections.

What the hell dose these Turks want? What do they care if we became a super power or not? What do they care if one part of Kurdistan becomes richer than Turkey?

As the second largest military power Nato member, Turkey still fears Kurds, I guess we are their biggest threat. Hey yaw Turks, buuu... we want human rights.. buu..

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