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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Who to blame for future murders? Kevin Sites

The famous photographer Kevin Sites was the man behind the camera one the American solider killed a insurgent in the Mosque.

First of all let me make some things clear.

  1. If these men wore actually from the area, what wore they doing in the Mosque? Obviously they wore out of town and there to fight.
  2. We did not see any weapons on the video footage but it was too short to tell if there wore any.
  3. Why would two USA units attack the mosque if it did not had been used by the insurgents? Just plain bad luck?

Kevin Sites had a blog during the war but was asked to shut it down when the TV bosses told him to do so, now he works as a freelance for the NBC network. Now his website is running again and publishing images from the front.

Kevin Sites is according to some sources a active anti-war personality and always portraying terrorists as victims instead of their true nature which is EVIL by the way.

What Sites has done is absolutely the dumbest thing to do, not only his video is been shown across the Arab world and doing a good job to recruit new terrorists to Iraq. It also gives hate and mistrust against the USA in Iraq. Making the USA’s job more harder and off course more dangerous.

So don’t be surprised if you see videos of victims of terrorists being first injured and then shot dead in the head. There is one person you can blame for this and that is Kevin Sites!

By the way, if I was that young man I would probably do the same considering the circumstances.


Blogger Papa Ray said...

The media plays an important part in any war. In past wars censorship of the media was enforced. In todays world (especially in Western Countries) the media is allowed not only to report but to shape and color the reporting. It is not a good thing.

This "little war" (if you want to call it that) is terrible to all involved. It will take years and years to rebuild and some of the rebuilt will be destroyed again.

But in my view and many others, this is not just another little war. This is THE WAR. The war we have been dreading and trying to put off for over fifty years.

That said, let me tell you this and you can take it to the bank and be sure to draw interest on it.

You have not seen anything yet....

Before this is over (many, many years from now) there will be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands dead.

The vast majority of the dead will not be Americans or their Allies. Even if "THE Bomb" is used in the USA.

One American Marine...killing one Iraqi (insurgent, terrorist),what ever you want to call him, will be like a one small speck of blood in an ocean of blood to come.

It will be such a waste. All caused by intolerance,pride,ignorance,poverty and the call of the religious extreamists in every country.

God help us all.

This is my post

Papa Ray
West Texas

November 18, 2004 at 1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sites was a reporter. He had a job to do and he was unlucky enough to shoot that video and he still did his job.

If there is any blame, it should be to the person who decided that reporters were allowed into that kind of situation in the first place.

You can't blame defense lawyers for the bad things their clients do after their clients get acquitted or soldier/policemen following legal orders for what they do.

The same with a reporter. You invite a reporter, everything is going to get reported, that's their job. Ask any policeman in any American city, that's the way it is.

January 30, 2005 at 9:05 AM  
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