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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The perfect world

In a perfect world leaders would step down when their people demand it. In such a world thousands would march for peace and wars could be avoided. Instead of bloodshed, people of indifference would talk in public to each other and overcome their unresponsiveness and go home singing and holding hands in solidarity.

In a perfect world children would not be burned by bomb shells, nor would the helpful boy next door die in the desert. Mothers would not never live through the death of their children. In such a world, we would all know a song. A song that could make us all smile and hug each other.

In a perfect world my people would have a free nation, a democracy, with a totalitarian freedom of speech, with no bounders to separate them in pieces and called by our enemy’s name. In such a world the children of Halabja would be living and breathing the clean air of mountains. The children of Anfal would be great fathers and mothers in this perfect world.

In a perfect world we would stand together to condemn injustice and prevent men who oppose fear on people to obtain their objectives to succeed. In such a world we would forgive those who did not knew better and pass our peace loving message to our neighbour.

Sorry friends, this world is not perfect!

I wish I lived this life without hearing a bullet.


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