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I am a 30 year old businessman in Hawler (Arbil, north Iraq). I have lived in Europe for almost 15 years, but now I work for a family investment company. Surely I would like to let know you people more, but I want to stay in once peace. I love bloging because it gives me the satisfaction to write about my thoughts.

Friday, November 19, 2004

14 years old boy executed by Islamic Iran

A 14 years old Kurdish boy was tortured publicly by whipping him to death. After 15 whips the boy died, according to Brwska.

His crime? He eat publicly at Ramadan.

Barbaric Iranian government has no dignity, no humanity. What is the difference between us and animals, if not humanity and compassion? What cruel Allah would allow this execution of this child? Do they have the soul of a human being?

You may think the terrorists in Iraq is not organized and has a “gangster” character, but take a good look at the Islamic Iran republic. Take good look at Islam implemented to its full, organized, well structured Islamic order and nature.

This is reason why we Kurds need our own country and to government ourselves. They never let us go a day without reminding us about their oppression on us.

The biggest insult in Kurdish culture is spiting on someone. Well then in true Kurdish fashion, I spit on the Iranian government, I spit on their religion and their Quran. I spit on every man and women who stood by when they executed this young boy and did nothing to stop it.


Blogger Papa Ray said...

This is a terrible crime but it is only one of thousands which are terrible. Americans have killed children, not on purpose, but that is war. I can not imagine the pain and anger this has caused. I am so sorry and my apoligy is there but will make no difference to the parents and grandparents of the dead children.

I wrote a post to a young teenage girl in Mosul, "a Star from Mosul" http://astarfrommosul.blogspot.com/ who is discouraged, angry and does not trust America. She is afraid and just wishs it could all be better. She has had to suffer no electricty and had to brush her teeth with ice cold water along with other hardships.

I wanted to post it here because your blog might be seen by other children from (in) Iraq. To let them know how an American Grand father feels.

I read and appreciate your thoughts and concern for your family and friends. I am sure you wish that things would be better much faster than they are.

I am also sure that your Dad is very worried and afraid for the safety of his family. I am sure he is doing everything he can to protect you, and to make things better for you, that he can.

I love my children (they are all grown now) and my grandchildren more than anything in this world. Especially my one and only granddaughter, Sarah.

She is three and three/quarters years old (3 3/4). Yet she seems to act like she is 5 years old. She goes to daycare about 3 days a week. Her mother works two jobs and is not home much. I am her babysitter the rest of the time. Which I enjoy and cherish.

I can not work anymore because of disabilities. I draw a small pension (retirement check) each month from the company I worked for, for 28 and 1/2 years.

We don't have a lot of extra money, we live month to month and do the best we can. Christmas (if you know about that) is usually for the children's toys and presents. We usually don't have many toys or such, but we try and have a good Holiday anyway. Religion is not big in our family, but we do believe in a "God". We try and behave in decent ways and treat others like we would like to be treated.

My hope for the world and your country is selfish. I know that if peace and freedom do not win, my grandchildren will pay the price and suffer.

I can not stand to even consider my "Sweet Sarah" having to suffer or be denied her freedom and her happiness.

If I were 40 years younger I would join the American Military and fight to my last breath to protect my children's and grandchildren's future. But, I am not, I am old and half-crippled and its all that I can do just to make it around each day.

My Sarah makes me get up and to try to make it each day, to bring some happiness and joy to her life and to teach her that life is good but can be hard sometimes.

To teach her to be self-sufficient and to not depend on others. To teach her that she must educate herself and to prepare her for life. To make herself strong and to be able to adapt and persevere. That is what I am going to do if I live long enough.

Your life now is not as good as it may have been or what you want it to be. You must adapt and persevere.

You will have to depend on your family but you must now start to depend on yourself. You can do what ever you believe you can.

By the way, get yourself a big pot and warm water on the stove. It can be used for many things. My mother always had a big pot of water on the stove and warm bread in the oven. We were very poor and didn't even have an indoor bathroom untill I was twelve years old.

We raised rabbits, chickens and always had a garden. She didn't have an education, (she had to drop out of school when she was 12 year old) to go to work to help her mother when her dad was killed in North Africa in World War Two.

My Dad, went into the U. S. Army when he was 17 years old and made it for the D Day Landing in Normandy. He was wounded pretty bad but survived. He was disabled but worked as a truck driver for almost 50 years. He did not own his own truck until he was 40 years old.

They were very poor and I was born late to them. But they tried to make sure I had everything I needed and some of the things that I wanted.

We didn't own a home or a house until I was almost 14 years old and only then because of a very generous man that my Dad had hauled cattle for for several years. He left my Dad an older house in the country when he died. In his will he said that my Dad had become a good friend and that he had always done a great job when he worked hauling his cattle to the market and other odd jobs he had done. He said that his daughters had learned alot from my Dad by seeing the way that he worked and raised his one and only son (me).

So you see that I am grateful for all that my parents taught me and gave me. I know that you are as grateful and love your parents as much as I did.

The situation you are in is not good, no one would like it but be grateful for the things that you do have and try and make do with them as best as you can.

You must continue your education and continue to learn as much as you can about life and the world. Do not close your mind or be hardened by your hardships.

My hope and prayer is for all children in this world to grow up with an education and have a good life. A good life much, much better than I or your father has had or our grandfathers had.

But it will not come easy or cheaply.

This is my post

Papa Ray
West Texas

November 26, 2004 at 10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In name of devil nobody was never killed but in name of God (any one) many millions have died so far. I did live in some arab countries for many years and was allways very well treated, but hope the relations between arabs and christians will get better. Our Pope John tried to get everybody toghether, hope that me, not a Pope not even a great believer will be able to finish the executions for eating or not eating, drinking or not driking, we can only take a life when we will be able to make a new one, and nobody can do it. LIFE IS SACRED in any way so please everybody in any continent stop executions now. Maybe my writing is not perfect but my love to life is...

April 8, 2005 at 3:56 PM  
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Anonymous ALion_4THEDeen said...

If this is true This is what hinders people from the path of Allah, this is what sacrifices the face and name of Islam...How ? I've read the quran, I've read ahadith(sayings of the prophet pbun),I've read fiqh(Islamic jurisprudence). nowhere does it say
kill or even punish an individual for not fasting. How in the hell did they decide he deserved to die ? This is not Islamic in any way shape form or fashion ! Whoever made this ruling deserves the curse of Allah in this life and the hellfire in the next. I have a question, why has'nt this made main stream news ?

October 28, 2006 at 10:27 PM  
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