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Friday, September 03, 2004

France tastes the bitter taste of Islamic terrorism

Europe generally apposes the war on Iraq, you might say they are pacifists or just wanting Saddam in power long enough to pay his debits to France, Italy and Germany.

What seems so naive for the European socialist countries is that they have a very unrealistic view of Islamic terrorism. They still believe that the new “Jihad” of Islamic terrorisms is merely a war between USA and the terrorists. But in fact the new Islamic wave of terror is a global war declared on everyone who stands in their way.

France is not excluded in the playground. They will be attacked by Islamic terrorists, they will be hit so hard that they would probably send their own army to Syria, Iran or any other country that supports terrorists.

Recently two French journalists, ironically they wore there to report everything negative on USA troops and now they faced the sword of Islamic terrorists. The kidnappings wore a clear message that France or any other country for that matter dose not has a exclusion on the list of Islamists.

This new war is not between USA and Islam; it’s against those who endure democracy and human rights and those who despise these basic elements of humanity.

I do believe and hope that Iraq will set standard for democracy in ME, so that people in other “Muslim” countries find what glory and prosperity democracy gives to it’s members of community.

For the past 12 years south Kurdistan (north Iraq) has enjoyed democracy and human rights (comparing to other ME countries) still our democracy is an experiment that needs to worked with years ahead to make it better. Democracy is not static it has to grow and be nursed.

I hope Europe wakes up and finally accept that they are part of this unseen war going on and help USA and Iraq to bring stability to the region.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on Ya, I think there is no stopping this bullshit wave, as our system harbours and fosters it....(democracy & freedom) we are too soft, nothing like them! somebody has got to have some guts and say freedom of religion is ok but not yours! (as it hates everyone except it's own! ) Somebody please give them a map of just our solar system and ask them to point out where abouts does there god live in relation to the "speck" that is Earth!Please do not give them a map of the Universe as it may blow them out!
We do not have to research tenth century tribes and customs.... they are here!

September 9, 2006 at 6:42 AM  

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