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I am a 30 year old businessman in Hawler (Arbil, north Iraq). I have lived in Europe for almost 15 years, but now I work for a family investment company. Surely I would like to let know you people more, but I want to stay in once peace. I love bloging because it gives me the satisfaction to write about my thoughts.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

PART II : The upcoming civil war in Iraq

PART II : The upcoming civil war in Iraq

Kurds all around the world will start organizing demonstrations and friends of Kurds will say that USA is back stabbing the Kurds.

A new decision by Washington will be made to bring back home the army. A new Iraqi army is established consisting of mostly Sunni Arabs and Kurdish “jash” (jash = traitor).

The PUF (new alliance between Kurds in South and North will gain new forces from East Kurdistan, their number will be small but still a major development for the PUF).

The PKK division will intensify their struggle by activating their agents in the major Turkish and Kurdish cities. Every day several Turkish policemen, soldiers, politicians and Kurdish Jash will be killed.

Turkey invades Zaxo and Dohuk, resulting in killing almost 1000 civilians.

A half of million Kurds take refuge in Silemani and parts of Hawler in fear of the Turkish army. Turkey gets warned by the Nato members and EU.

After 30 days Turkey creates a new zone in Kurdistan that includes the Kurdish city Zaxo and draws back the army to the new zone.

The Kurdish people demand a independent state for themselves. And the World still debates on why USA shouldn’t remove Saddam while thousands of people die in Iraq and south Kurdistan.

I guess the story ends there… for now…

One thing is for sure, I will be the first one to join the PUF if ever created. I would prefer to die for freedom and liberty for my people than in age alone on deathbed.


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