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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

John McCain rocks

I just love the way Americans are patriotic. I find many of my inspiration and values of freedom and human dignity in the American view of human kinds. In America, the people come first. They decide what is best for them, not a political system or a global company.
I stayed up late, breaking yet again my day rhythm just to hear John McCain and Gulanis speeches. I must say McCain made a big impression on me. I got goose pimples of his powerful speech. Here are my favourite quotes.

"For their families, for their friends, for America, for mankind they
sacrifice to affirm that right makes might; that good triumphs over evil;
that freedom is stronger than tyranny; that love is greater than hate."

That is true, history will show how these brave men and women of the American armed force have done for this country. Their sacrifice will not go to history in vain. They will be part of the Iraqi and probably the whole Middle East’s history.

"We have to love our freedom, not just for the material benefits it provides,
not just for the autonomy it guarantees us, but for the goodness it makes

I wonder when a ME leader will ever use the word love so

"And certainly not a disingenuous film maker who would have us believe
that Saddam's Iraq was an oasis of peace when in fact it was a place of
indescribable cruelty, torture chambers, mass graves and prisons that
destroyed the lives of the small children held inside their walls."

And Michel Moore did a L sign (loser) to the camera. Moore is the number one capitalist, creating a "movie" or should I say a negative ad on the behalf of the Democrats. He did
all this fuzz and humiliating the president just to get as much as possible media coverage so people would go his movie and make him more rich than he is.

"However just the cause, we should shed a tear for all that is lost when war
claims its wages from us. But there is no avoiding this war. We tried that,
and our reluctance cost us dearly. And while this war has many components,
we can't make victory on the battlefield harder to achieve so that our
diplomacy is easier to conduct.

That is not just an expression of our strength. It's a
measure of our wisdom."

Yes, finally some gets it right. "Diplomacy" is away for "left" wings to keep a eye closed on the genocides that Arabic governments commit. As long as these "left" wings don’t see it on their TV the don’t care. America was in war with Islamic fanatics long before 9/11. Islamic fanatics and
pan-Arabic governments have been creating hate against the Americans for centuries now.


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Too bad you are misspending your feelings on McCain. He is nothing more than a liberal in disguise, and will desert Iraq as soon as elected.

February 6, 2007 at 3:39 PM  
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