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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Iran missiles and Al-Sadr ass kicking

What now? Al-Sadr and his murders are doing it again, showing how “tuff” and “heroic” they are. Sometimes I think it’s all about macho BS. But it’s not that simple. Iran has a big finger in all of it.

Iran threatens USA and Israel claiming that they have missiles that can hit Israel. Well, well the article was sent around over the Internet among Kurds with comments:

“dude read the article, maybe Iran is next”
“hahahah.. these guys are begging for some ass kicking”
“Oh my God, I hope USA supports the Kurds against Iran”

How dumb can they be? Saddam tried to play tuff, and threatens USA, what happened to him, ha? Didn’t Israel bombed a Iraqi nuclear factory back in the 80’s? It was the French that was to build it for Saddam. Guess they lost a lot of money.

Will Israel tolerate this from Iran? I wonder what the Anti-War movement would say about that?

Surely, the USA knows that Iran is behind the massive support for Al-Sadr. Knowing that, the Iran uses the same tactic that the USA dose, namely supporting other groups to fight the USA army. Do you see any dej ja vu here?

Let me remind you, the cold war. Yes, the cold war is over and now the it is the “terrorist war” in true Tomas Friedman spirit.

The USA must support the Kurdish resistance groups in Iran and East Kurdistan to take down the source of all fanatic Islamists. It would not cost that much compared of how much a bomb or to would cost to hit minor sites in Iran. The eastern Kurdistan parties need support, massive support.

Back to Al-Sadr, if you are one of his supports please tell your leader to drop dead. I really want to live in country where we can move safely, build our airports so I don’t have to go throw Turkey and take shit every time from Turkish barbaric soldiers.

I am kinda down right now; I cannot write much and what I write seems lam. I hope you few visitors understand.


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