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Monday, August 16, 2004

Good terrorists and bad terrorists

The PKK is often called a “Marxist extremist terrorist organization”. Nelson Mendala was a leftist terrorist is he called a terrorist today?

1. The PKK being a left oriented organization has given the Turkish side a few extra points on the American chart. The fact is that almost all new movements in the Middle East in the 60’s into the 80’s wore in fact left oriented hence the Soviet support and influence in the region. Even the KDP now one of the best American ally was in fact a Marxist organization for a long period.

2. Left or Right who cares besides USA?
There is a hug gap in the political ideology in Kurdish parties. Let’s say the PKK was a right wing would it matter?

When it comes to left or right, there are very little difference when you don’t have a country to rule in. The all share one common genuine ideology and that is (was) a independent united Kurdistan, without that we are just men with guns.

You western people must rethink how politics work in the Middle East, it dose go by the Western standards that you have been used to. People don’t join PKK because they believe in Lenin or Marxism, the join to liberate their country, resist a state that destroys their homes, villages and murder and torture their families. Political ideology comes second or never.

3. Look the statistics

The PKK has
5000 guerrilla fighters on Kurdish soil
2000 agents in Turkey
200 000 active members
5000 0000 supports at least
50 sister political parties in Turkey, Iraq, Iran
50 Newspapers
20 + Websites
2 global TV-channels

If you look at the PKK organization so the PKK is not about some “hundred” terrorists that want to kill Turks. The organization is so deep and has more cultural or peaceful activities than political.

4. If you define an organization as terrorists, you must look at their objectives first. The PKK dose not say that they want to blow up civilians, they don’t say that they hate democracy, they don’t say that they want behead Turks.

The PKK is there because it wants human rights in Turkey. If there wore human rights in Turkey there would be no PKK.

5. Don’t mix human rights and minority rights
You can have every human rights you want. But when the government ignores you as a minority it is then we see even worse injustice politically speaking.

It is easy, you build 200 schools in a Turkish city and you build 20 schools in a Kurdish city. There are no “human rights” violations here.

6. The PKK breaks apart
Yes, there is a new Kurdish party formed in Kurdistan. I have no comment on the issue because I am still waiting for their political program. But it seems that they don’t want to use “violence” tactics anymore.

The PKK is (was) the most democratic well formed Kurdish organization in the World. For the support of its leader Abdullah Öcalan a half of million Kurds gathered in Berlin a couple of years ago, but since then the support for Öcalan has been weaker for every day. Maybe dude to the great Turkish propaganda machine or due to lack of effectiveness in the organization.

Any PKK Peshmerga is welcomed in my home, I would support them with every thing I have. But if we do actually manage to create a unified and independent free Kurdistan and no more battles to win. Then I would never vote for the PKK in a million years. Do you understand what I mean?

7. The “Iraqi president” vows to crack down on Kurdish “terrorists”
Shouldn’t this guy worry about Al-Sadr, the REAL terrorists? I mean Al-Sadr is the one that has threatened Iraq and to put a bullet in his forehead, right? What he hell is he doing in Turkey any ways and leaving this Al-Sadr crap on the Americans? Was it tactic? So when they kill Al-Sadr, he would look like he wasn’t there? Will they kill this fat ignorant bastard wanna-be Tony Al-Montana? I hope they do, for all the lives they have taken both Iraqis and Americans.

I really got pissed off when I heard the news, but I have to keep remind myself what this is all about. Doing “politics” here is like prostitution, they sell themselves and then forget about what they did last night.

Besides the Turkish propaganda machine is a top of art. The way they portray every visit, interview, or any issue is carefully planed and well formatted. The Kurdish “Hawk” group that has taken responsibility for latest bombs is a joke; nobody knows where they come from. Many PKK personals that I have talked to told me that it is a bunch of feed up Kurdish teenagers probably wanting some attention. Could be wrong could be right.

What is the next step? crack on KDPI (Kurdistan Democratic Party Iran) ? Hell no, if they do take action against our brothers in the North, or East. You bet we will organize demonstrations.

Anyways, the same time the "Iraqi" goverment is promising our enimies to kill our brothers in the north. They offer Al-Sadr that thinks democracy is a Jewish "formula" to controll the world a political party and seats at the conference. After that he killed so many people. Yet, an other sign of Arab racist gorverment that wants to take of it's own and weaken the Kurds.

And our not so bright leaders are a suckar for believing in lies.

If you thank Al-Jazzera is not worth trusting, I suggest that the Turkish “Press” is not worth trusting at all.


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