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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Break up Iraq says Shiaa leaders

According to www.rediff.com:

Deputy Governor Salam Uda al-Maliki says he plans to announce the separation of
some Iraqi southern governorates from the rest of the country, claiming the
interim Iraqi government was responsible for the clashes in Najaf, according to
Al Jazeera, the news organization based in the Middle East.”

Finally the Shiaa wants their independence. You can not have the same laws for the whole country. This is not a Western culture, here people are very religious. I doubt that the Shiaa leader wants Kurdish laws oppesed on them.

In fact here in south Kurdistan, the KRG have “changed” many laws practically the laws that concern women. There has been a strong lobby in Kurdistan for human rights. One example is the removal of the “Honour killings of women” law that can sentence a man to only 6 months in jail for killing a female family member. We have along way to go, but damn it we will do everything to better and better.

Let the Shiaa live by their own laws and culture. The oil in Basra should be more enough to run their state in the south for another 50 years.


Blogger Rosemary said...

I have heard about the honor killings. Could you please explain something to me? Doesn't it take 2 people to dishonor the family? Why only the woman has to pay? Are they afraid that if the men have to pay also, they would have to stop altogether??!! They would not want to die! This is very wrong. One can only dishonor themselves, not anyone else. They could say, "Go away. We do not know you." Honor would be restored. What do you think? Peace be with you.

September 27, 2004 at 9:00 PM  

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