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I am a 30 year old businessman in Hawler (Arbil, north Iraq). I have lived in Europe for almost 15 years, but now I work for a family investment company. Surely I would like to let know you people more, but I want to stay in once peace. I love bloging because it gives me the satisfaction to write about my thoughts.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

John McCain rocks

I just love the way Americans are patriotic. I find many of my inspiration and values of freedom and human dignity in the American view of human kinds. In America, the people come first. They decide what is best for them, not a political system or a global company.
I stayed up late, breaking yet again my day rhythm just to hear John McCain and Gulanis speeches. I must say McCain made a big impression on me. I got goose pimples of his powerful speech. Here are my favourite quotes.

"For their families, for their friends, for America, for mankind they
sacrifice to affirm that right makes might; that good triumphs over evil;
that freedom is stronger than tyranny; that love is greater than hate."

That is true, history will show how these brave men and women of the American armed force have done for this country. Their sacrifice will not go to history in vain. They will be part of the Iraqi and probably the whole Middle East’s history.

"We have to love our freedom, not just for the material benefits it provides,
not just for the autonomy it guarantees us, but for the goodness it makes

I wonder when a ME leader will ever use the word love so

"And certainly not a disingenuous film maker who would have us believe
that Saddam's Iraq was an oasis of peace when in fact it was a place of
indescribable cruelty, torture chambers, mass graves and prisons that
destroyed the lives of the small children held inside their walls."

And Michel Moore did a L sign (loser) to the camera. Moore is the number one capitalist, creating a "movie" or should I say a negative ad on the behalf of the Democrats. He did
all this fuzz and humiliating the president just to get as much as possible media coverage so people would go his movie and make him more rich than he is.

"However just the cause, we should shed a tear for all that is lost when war
claims its wages from us. But there is no avoiding this war. We tried that,
and our reluctance cost us dearly. And while this war has many components,
we can't make victory on the battlefield harder to achieve so that our
diplomacy is easier to conduct.

That is not just an expression of our strength. It's a
measure of our wisdom."

Yes, finally some gets it right. "Diplomacy" is away for "left" wings to keep a eye closed on the genocides that Arabic governments commit. As long as these "left" wings don’t see it on their TV the don’t care. America was in war with Islamic fanatics long before 9/11. Islamic fanatics and
pan-Arabic governments have been creating hate against the Americans for centuries now.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Why Kurds are proud of its Peshmerga

We have lived with violence for hundreds of years, from the Romans, Ottomans to the Iraqi army, the Iranians. The Arab Iraqi regime tried its best with chemical attacks, ethnic cleansing, murder, torture, kidnappings and any other thing that you can imagine.

We still stand here today, proud to be sons and daughters of Medya, of Kurdistan.

I was once witnessed a fire fight between the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Iraqi Arab police and Baath force. Not even Oliver Stone could create such heroes that I saw that day.

In 1992 after a peace deal between the Peshmerga and Iraqi force the south Kurdistan was under the control of the Iraqi government but the Peshmerga wore allowed to move freely in our cities.

A few weeks later, me and my buddies went down town to shoot some pool at a local pool place on the second floor of a small mall just in front of the government building..

As we played pool, my friend Aram was just about to win a huge bet with a very fat guy, we started to hear children on the street shouting “Biji Kurdistan”. The kids wore from poor families, judging from the clothes. The oldest of them was probably 16 years old. The small demonstration of not more than 100 kids was about to head to the government building.

The goverment building I was talking about

From the pool place, we and the entire guests from the pool place saw five police officers come out the police building which was in front of the government building. The cowered bastards started to shoot right through the demonstration. I saw at least two kids fall down to the ground. Everyone from the pool place wore in shock I think, we stood still and couldn’t believe our eyes. Our silence was brooked by a bullet aimed at us but hit the roof through the window. The impact created a white dust from the roof and in the same second every one was on the ground.

I found myself under the pool behind the fat guy, who seemed to be just lying down, in a very cool manner. I started to laugh for myself. He looked so relaxed.

We rushed to the exit door and looked down to the ground floor and saw five kids shoot dead on the floor in a pale of blood with a trace of blood from their small bodies to the front door. People wore helping each other; it was like seeing a drill in first aid.

I also saw a young man with his wife whom I saw down town less than a hour ago. The couple wore dressed fine (a typical sign of newly weed couples). The young man was shot in the stomach; they say it hurts the most. His wife was hysterical and crying holding his head in her arms. Her dress was covered in blood. I wonder if he ever survived the bullet.

People started to panic, screaming, I suggested we run down stairs and run from the exit door on the ground floor, which means we had to cross the fire line.

Actually I was so scared I wanted to go back and take cover behind the fat guy under the pool table until it is all over. But we wore convinced that the policemen and soldiers would come to get us when they wore done killing everyone on the street.

My friend Sherzad screamed:
“We are not going to die! We are not getting killed! Look people are going to the top roof, lets go!”

We ran to the stairs to the roof.

Holy crap! There was a line to “jump” to next building. People wore jumping from one building to the other building. No way man! I hate heights.! Besides jumping 1,4 – 2 meters from a three floor building didn’t sound that well.

I think they all agreed to get the hell out the roof top before we break our back.

I, Sherzad, Aram started to discuss and decided to take the exit door on the ground floor. We decide to do it running, but we had to take a look outside before we started our race for life.

As I looked outside from the window. Now more than a hundred policemen and Iraqi soldiers stood in front of the police house and the government building shooting at any people they saw. They even shot tear gases. The streets wore covered with white smoke.

In the middle of this chaos a black pickup full with Peshmerga fighters drove right at the policemen and soldiers. One man stood on the back of the pickup, with a huge BKC (some kind of huge machine gun).


Hell was now broken and the Kurdish Peshmerga was on the mission of ass kicking. I wanted to see these brave men, that wore truly a Pesh Merga (those who face death). Yes, they did that day.

Sherzad grabbed my arms and screamed: “Let’s go, let’s go”.

We looked at each other and we knew that in 5 minutes one of us or all of us would probably get a bullet in the head or back, but we had to take our chances.

“Now! Now! Now! Run like HELL!!” Said Aram…

“Wait! wait before we run, please if I don’t make it tell my dad that I am sorry for everything” I said to my friends.

“Yeah, yeah… now let’s go” The both replied.

We ran like hell, down one stairs, down two stairs on the ground floor. Run to the exit door, as I set my foot on the street I heard

“BOOM, BOOM” .. was it RBG?

I don’t know if the earth was shaking or my legs. It was all surreal.

“Shhheevvv” “Sheeeev” the bullets passed our heads.

I think we all screamed like hell, we ran almost 500 meters and then we went in a small old street.

We all fell to the ground, we wore exposed to the tear gas. Our eyes wore all bloody. An old friend of mine just showed up right there with water to wash my eyes. I never knew where this guy lived, now I was standing in front of his house.

“What is going on!?” he asked us.

“We started to tell the story, as we kept on washing our face”.

“Wait a minute I’ll be back” .. he went inside came back with hand granites, a brand new klashinkov, a silver pistol.

“Ahmed, when did you joined the Peshmerga?” I asked him.

“I never did, these are my own, I have just saved them for a day like this.” He said

“Dachim dakyikyan da gem” (translated: I going to fuck their moms”). This was his last words from Ahmed I heard.

We went home, and decide to not to tell our parents or other friends about our experience. I guess we wanted to forget how close we wore to death.

A week later we went back to the pool, and saw the same gang there. The fat guy was in the pool all the time. Almost 48 hours!

Others who didn’t got out of there said that they wore all in camped inside the mall. They didn’t slept for a hour for 48 hours. The fight was so huge that the thought they wore going to get killed any time.

That day (I could be wrong) 3 Peshmerga died and about 40+ of the enemies died. Ahmed had used all his ammos, and granites that day. He went back home the same day, and did the same thing the day after.

After that fight, the police house was burned downed, the Iraqi force wore moved out from down town. And demonstrations wore held free again.

God Bless our Peshmerga

The guy on left has the same machinegun I saw on the back of the pickup. I think it is called BKC.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Can USA not screw the Kurds for once?

Who is calling the shots in Iraq? Muqtada al-Sadr or Al-Sistani? How long will the Kurdish penitence will hold on?

Immunity, political power, and money is what al-Sadr gets for his murdering of Iraqis and Americans. The Kurds on the other hand have been fighting for democracy and human rights for 70 years now and still we haven’t received the political power that we earn. Now the Kurds are getting more impenitence with the Americans lack of support.

Everyday I meet people and the topic is pretty the same. Al-Sadr, Americans, and the lack of support from them.

What dose this new al-Sadr factor means? That everyone that revolts against the government and kill Americans gets what they want? Dose it mean that violence is the answer?

Will al-Sadr be our next president? Our next Saddam? Thoughts like that makes me wish for a civil war!

Why cannot just the USA make it’s policy clear for the Kurds? When will the USA finally realize that there is only ONE people that supports them and their values for democracy and freedom!

If nothing happens in the near future I am sure that the Kurds will be probably organizing demonstrations to get the Americans out so we can start our true liberation.

I am sure that no Kurd will ever attack an American, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Kurdish “gratefulness” is about to end.

Dr. Condolezza Rice, the United States National Security Advisor made remarks about Kurds in the “Turkey” north Kurdistan. Calling our brother for terrorists and leaving out the thousands the Turks have killed and the 2 million Kurdish refugees that wore forced to leave their villages when the military destroyed their homes and threatened to kill them if they didn’t join the JASH force against the Kurds. Her comments made me so mad, it was truly hypocrisy at it’s glance. When will the USA understand that the Kurds still have their dream for a united and independent Kurdistan?
Read: http://www.kurdmedia.com/reports.asp?id=2147

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Top 10 worst business ideas in Iraq

Just a small guide for all western businessmen that wants to make money:

10. Sauna
Every time we bath it’s like a bloody sauna here. So who needs a sauna here?

9. Tan machines
Heheh, it sounds so funny.

8. Dogs, cats as pets
Forget it, no one here wants animals as pets. Many Muslims consider dogs as dirty.

7. Jewish books
They probably will burn them just in the border.

6. Gay Magazines
I am sure there are many guys in Iraq, but hardly any of them would go out and buy a magazine.

5. Hard Rock music albums
I think the Hard Rock, Metal music dose sell here. What do you think?

4. Bikinis
Yeah sure. The day we see girls in bikinis is the day when people listen to metallic music rather than Quran.

3. Strings - T-thong
Although lovely thing to see a women in. I hardly believe that they would put it on. It hasn’t hit the peoples mind yet.

2. Condoms
If you think people are shy to ask for condoms in the west? People here are even shy to talk about sex even after they get married.

1. Pork
You have to be idiot to import pork to Iraq. Come on!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A song for all Islamic terrorists

Last night I and my wife had a huge argue over my job. She thinks I spend way too much time with my job. I admit, I am a genuine capitalist and a workaholic. If there is any business that has money in it, count me in no matter where it is, or how it is.

Well, she used the silent treatment on me and as usually she submitted her complaint to my mom. Mom called me and “washed me” in Kurdish meaning it means that she start nagging and calling me names non-stop. What’s it called? The 3rd degree in English? Anyways she was rapping like 50 cent against Ja Rule. “You are a dumb dumb man, she is worthy a real man of man …”. Oh, moms!

Anyways, I regret it a lot. So I cooked wok a la Kurdish food before she came home.
She saw the almost wok a lá Kurdish food on the table with candles and fresh garden roses. Not so impressed she went to our bedroom and locked the door behind. By the way I love Asian food like Indian, Tai. My friends from Europe bring me always Asian cookbooks and good quality Soya when they come to visit.

Like a lonely dog, I stand behind the door begging for forgiveness. I know what you thinking, but you have to see my wife to understand why I humiliated myself like that.

She did not respond.

Finally, I start singing “Can´t Take My Eyes Off Of You” song by Frankie Vali. I have the most terrifying voice on this planet, and I don’t even sing.

“You're just too good to be true,
can't take my eyes off of you
You'd be like heaven to touch,
I wanna hold you so much
At long last love has arrived,
and I thank God I'm alive
You're just too good to be true,
can't take my eyes off of you”

I sang it so bad, I am sure that God would give a prominent job in hell to torture the sinners there with my singing. That’s all I can sing from that song, but my so called charm worked. She came out and gave me a hug and she me made me to promise not to sing to her any more.

As we eat my miserable Kurdish wok, I heard more bad news about Al-Sadr and a dumb ass Kurdish Islamist that is in jail in USA accused of terrorism.

Then, I started to think about them and come up with this song:

“You’re just too bad to be real,
can’t stop hating you too much
You’d belike a pig to punch,
I wanna kick you so much.
At long last USA has arrived,
And I thank Bush he’s alive
You’re just too bad to be real,
can’t stop hateing you too much”

If you are an Al-Sadr fan and reading this (I hardly doubt that you people can read or even now what Internet is). Please come to down town Hawler, Kurdistan so me and my buddies can throw a welcome party for you guys. Who knows? Maybe you guys are more close to heaven (hell) than you think? We Kurds are such helpful people for people like you.
Thanks for nice comments, they made me smile. Alot, sorry for all the grammar errors and spellings. I sometimes use Word spelling check and it changes words and stuff. But I will try to check for errors more often.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Good terrorists and bad terrorists

The PKK is often called a “Marxist extremist terrorist organization”. Nelson Mendala was a leftist terrorist is he called a terrorist today?

1. The PKK being a left oriented organization has given the Turkish side a few extra points on the American chart. The fact is that almost all new movements in the Middle East in the 60’s into the 80’s wore in fact left oriented hence the Soviet support and influence in the region. Even the KDP now one of the best American ally was in fact a Marxist organization for a long period.

2. Left or Right who cares besides USA?
There is a hug gap in the political ideology in Kurdish parties. Let’s say the PKK was a right wing would it matter?

When it comes to left or right, there are very little difference when you don’t have a country to rule in. The all share one common genuine ideology and that is (was) a independent united Kurdistan, without that we are just men with guns.

You western people must rethink how politics work in the Middle East, it dose go by the Western standards that you have been used to. People don’t join PKK because they believe in Lenin or Marxism, the join to liberate their country, resist a state that destroys their homes, villages and murder and torture their families. Political ideology comes second or never.

3. Look the statistics

The PKK has
5000 guerrilla fighters on Kurdish soil
2000 agents in Turkey
200 000 active members
5000 0000 supports at least
50 sister political parties in Turkey, Iraq, Iran
50 Newspapers
20 + Websites
2 global TV-channels

If you look at the PKK organization so the PKK is not about some “hundred” terrorists that want to kill Turks. The organization is so deep and has more cultural or peaceful activities than political.

4. If you define an organization as terrorists, you must look at their objectives first. The PKK dose not say that they want to blow up civilians, they don’t say that they hate democracy, they don’t say that they want behead Turks.

The PKK is there because it wants human rights in Turkey. If there wore human rights in Turkey there would be no PKK.

5. Don’t mix human rights and minority rights
You can have every human rights you want. But when the government ignores you as a minority it is then we see even worse injustice politically speaking.

It is easy, you build 200 schools in a Turkish city and you build 20 schools in a Kurdish city. There are no “human rights” violations here.

6. The PKK breaks apart
Yes, there is a new Kurdish party formed in Kurdistan. I have no comment on the issue because I am still waiting for their political program. But it seems that they don’t want to use “violence” tactics anymore.

The PKK is (was) the most democratic well formed Kurdish organization in the World. For the support of its leader Abdullah Öcalan a half of million Kurds gathered in Berlin a couple of years ago, but since then the support for Öcalan has been weaker for every day. Maybe dude to the great Turkish propaganda machine or due to lack of effectiveness in the organization.

Any PKK Peshmerga is welcomed in my home, I would support them with every thing I have. But if we do actually manage to create a unified and independent free Kurdistan and no more battles to win. Then I would never vote for the PKK in a million years. Do you understand what I mean?

7. The “Iraqi president” vows to crack down on Kurdish “terrorists”
Shouldn’t this guy worry about Al-Sadr, the REAL terrorists? I mean Al-Sadr is the one that has threatened Iraq and to put a bullet in his forehead, right? What he hell is he doing in Turkey any ways and leaving this Al-Sadr crap on the Americans? Was it tactic? So when they kill Al-Sadr, he would look like he wasn’t there? Will they kill this fat ignorant bastard wanna-be Tony Al-Montana? I hope they do, for all the lives they have taken both Iraqis and Americans.

I really got pissed off when I heard the news, but I have to keep remind myself what this is all about. Doing “politics” here is like prostitution, they sell themselves and then forget about what they did last night.

Besides the Turkish propaganda machine is a top of art. The way they portray every visit, interview, or any issue is carefully planed and well formatted. The Kurdish “Hawk” group that has taken responsibility for latest bombs is a joke; nobody knows where they come from. Many PKK personals that I have talked to told me that it is a bunch of feed up Kurdish teenagers probably wanting some attention. Could be wrong could be right.

What is the next step? crack on KDPI (Kurdistan Democratic Party Iran) ? Hell no, if they do take action against our brothers in the North, or East. You bet we will organize demonstrations.

Anyways, the same time the "Iraqi" goverment is promising our enimies to kill our brothers in the north. They offer Al-Sadr that thinks democracy is a Jewish "formula" to controll the world a political party and seats at the conference. After that he killed so many people. Yet, an other sign of Arab racist gorverment that wants to take of it's own and weaken the Kurds.

And our not so bright leaders are a suckar for believing in lies.

If you thank Al-Jazzera is not worth trusting, I suggest that the Turkish “Press” is not worth trusting at all.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Iran missiles and Al-Sadr ass kicking

What now? Al-Sadr and his murders are doing it again, showing how “tuff” and “heroic” they are. Sometimes I think it’s all about macho BS. But it’s not that simple. Iran has a big finger in all of it.

Iran threatens USA and Israel claiming that they have missiles that can hit Israel. Well, well the article was sent around over the Internet among Kurds with comments:

“dude read the article, maybe Iran is next”
“hahahah.. these guys are begging for some ass kicking”
“Oh my God, I hope USA supports the Kurds against Iran”

How dumb can they be? Saddam tried to play tuff, and threatens USA, what happened to him, ha? Didn’t Israel bombed a Iraqi nuclear factory back in the 80’s? It was the French that was to build it for Saddam. Guess they lost a lot of money.

Will Israel tolerate this from Iran? I wonder what the Anti-War movement would say about that?

Surely, the USA knows that Iran is behind the massive support for Al-Sadr. Knowing that, the Iran uses the same tactic that the USA dose, namely supporting other groups to fight the USA army. Do you see any dej ja vu here?

Let me remind you, the cold war. Yes, the cold war is over and now the it is the “terrorist war” in true Tomas Friedman spirit.

The USA must support the Kurdish resistance groups in Iran and East Kurdistan to take down the source of all fanatic Islamists. It would not cost that much compared of how much a bomb or to would cost to hit minor sites in Iran. The eastern Kurdistan parties need support, massive support.

Back to Al-Sadr, if you are one of his supports please tell your leader to drop dead. I really want to live in country where we can move safely, build our airports so I don’t have to go throw Turkey and take shit every time from Turkish barbaric soldiers.

I am kinda down right now; I cannot write much and what I write seems lam. I hope you few visitors understand.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Break up Iraq says Shiaa leaders

According to www.rediff.com:

Deputy Governor Salam Uda al-Maliki says he plans to announce the separation of
some Iraqi southern governorates from the rest of the country, claiming the
interim Iraqi government was responsible for the clashes in Najaf, according to
Al Jazeera, the news organization based in the Middle East.”

Finally the Shiaa wants their independence. You can not have the same laws for the whole country. This is not a Western culture, here people are very religious. I doubt that the Shiaa leader wants Kurdish laws oppesed on them.

In fact here in south Kurdistan, the KRG have “changed” many laws practically the laws that concern women. There has been a strong lobby in Kurdistan for human rights. One example is the removal of the “Honour killings of women” law that can sentence a man to only 6 months in jail for killing a female family member. We have along way to go, but damn it we will do everything to better and better.

Let the Shiaa live by their own laws and culture. The oil in Basra should be more enough to run their state in the south for another 50 years.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Who is responsible for the violence in Iraq?

I promise to make this article short.

There will always be forces in Iraq that do not want to accept the mainstream desire for peace and democracy in Iraq. There is the fanatic Islamic forces, there is also the Saudi, Iranian, Turkish, Syrian and Al-Qadia connections that benefit in one way or the other in chaos and violence in Iraq.

The fanatic Islamists
The fanatic Islamists, mainly Al-Sadr militia are extremely determine to implement the hard line Islamic law into the Iraqi society, a move that could create even more chaos. If we kill 10 Al-Sadr militiamen 20 more will take their place. Soon it would create a pyramid effect, the more “martyrs” we create for them the more powerful they become. Where do they get the recourses to create such organizations and get hold on wepons? Could it be Iran? We know for a fact that Iran has a major influence in Najaf politics. Thousands of Iranians are visiting the holly city of Najaf, there is a mighty religious solidarity between the Shiaa’s of Iraq and the Iranians.

The Wahabi movement in Saudi Aribian start in Iraq in the early 90’s in south Kurdistan (North Iraq). The government of Saudi invested millions of dollars on charity organizations, institutions, media companies, and not the least building mosques every where. The Kurds, being so naive as we are did not (still doesn’t understand) what major impacts it will have on our culture, social life etc. I guess as long as the dollars comes in, the politicians don’t care. Well, now 10 years later and you see how extreme people have become in Hawler. Despite a major development in culture, science, and economy, you can hardly spot a woman without her “Hijab”. It’s getting ridiculous.

The Wahabi movement in south Kurdistan (North Iraq) is mostly controlled by Turkmen, whom have “converted” to the Wahabi.

Just as I explained with the Al-Sadr militia, the Iranins are probably having a pavolon effect when it comes to Iraq’s holy city. They will support any group, Al-Sadr or not, that is willing to fight the new Iraqi government. You would probably here about bombs exploding by terrorists, assassinations, and what ever 10 years from now too.

Turkish connection
Several Turkish officers have been captured for planning to assassinate Kurdish leaders in the past in Kerkuk and Mosal area. (Over 40 Kurdish leaders, high officials, businessmen have already been assassinated by “unknown” groups). The Turks don’t care about anything in Iraq, as long as the Kurds don’t get the power and wealth of oil. The Turks are behaving like the big fat kid that bulls everyone in school, that doesn’t want to see any Kurds succeeding in their society. So they support the Turkmen with money, Intel, and any other thing that can use the Turkmen’s against the Kurds.

Continues later

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Michael Rubin and his Turkish lies

Mr Micheal Rubin published an article called "The PKK factor", the quotes text are directly copied from his article.

“We stopped. Ten armed guards got out of our vehicles. Two walked down to meet
the PKK fighters. A few minutes later they returned. "It's no problem. They
wanted to know where we were going," one of my guards said. "They don't bother
people more heavily armed than they are."

Gee, I wonder why these terrorists didn’t kill them? They face Nato’s second largest army everyday and face death everyday but now they are frightened by five SUVs? Give a break!

“The PKK occupies homes and farms, extorts illegal taxes, and metes out summary
justice to those who do not comply. On occasion, the PKK mines roads. In a
region where adults and children pile into the back of pick-up trucks for
transportation, carnage from PKK mines can be immense.”

Lies, Lies, lies. There was indeed a civil war between PKK and KDP which was in alliance with the Turks in change for money. In fact, there was a price head on PKK fighters at one time. KDP hooligans gathered rallies to “fetch some PKK fighter”. It was disgusting, demoralizing and the KDP, a traitor in Kurdish history for their killings on PKK fighters.

Later KDP found out that the Turks don’t consider them less “terrorist” when they stayed in south Kurdistan with about 10 000 soldiers (that still are stationed there). Since then the KDP repeal has asked the Turkish army to move back, but failed to get any response. Actually, many Kurds wore killed by Turkish shell bombs near the border. Oh yes, the also threatened to invade south Kurdistan and the KDP was not that very happy. In Homer Simpson spirit, Duhhhh…

“PKK members also sabotaged bridges, cutting off villagers from their fields and
disrupting the local economy. No matter how poor were Masud Barzani's Kurdistan
Democratic party and Jalal Talabani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan at their
nadir, neither cultivated nor smuggled drugs. The same is not true of the PKK,
which facilitates drug smuggling from Iran through Iraq and Turkey and into

I was there, we saw photos and propaganda images of “PKK attacks” on the KDP controlled TV, but I never witnessed a living that indeed saw a PKK fighter! I have many relatives in the villages in Rania, and other areas near by. Actually many south Kurdistanis (Iraqi Kurds) wore PKK supporters. Today if you take a look at most PKK organizations and sister organizations there are many Kurds from Rania, Rawanduz and Sulyamania.

I am not saying that there wore no conflicts between the PKK and some villagers, but it was only a few! No child murdering PKK monsters and other crap that the KDP wanted to give the public to justify how they became traitors, or Turkish Jash against the Kurdish course.

Funny this Rubin claiming that the PUK and the KDP are poor. Please, take a look at their business, houses, companies, hotels, stores, restaurants, they control the economy. Damn, I am a businessman, you can hardly do “huge” business without giving the KDP and PUK a share. And you Americans complain about TAXs, you should try our shoes.

“The PKK's most bloody legacy is in Turkey. In the mid-1980s, the PKK initiated
a violent campaign responsible for over 30,000 deaths in Turkey. The PKK raided
villages and executed civilians. More Kurdish civilians died at the hands of the
PKK than at the hands of the Turkish army.”

What a ignorant bastard! Sorry, I cannot take such lies! I am angered.
Turkey ruined, burned and destroyed over 4000 villages! About half of million Kurds from north Kurdistan (Turkey) left their homes from 1975 to 1995 to Europe! Gee, I wonder why?

PKK did indeed killed villagers, by the way was is the penalty of treason in the USA? Is it not the death penalty? Well guess what, these villagers that Rubin calls “civilians” wore actually gendarmes, mobsters, villains, and tribal families that gets paid to “guard” the area and hunt down PKK fighters, spying on pro-Kurdish activities, full immunity for crimes, steeling and etc.
These gendarmes, wore worse than the Turks themselves. The toruted people, raped, and took prorties from pro-Kurdish families.
http://eagle.westnet.gr/~cgian/villages.htm http://www.ihd.org.tr/repspec/omctihd/annex1.htm

“On July 18, 2004, I ducked into a teahouse in Konya, a large town in
south-central Turkey. With no empty tables, I joined a middle-aged man reading a
newspaper. Originally from Bursa, he had trained as a schoolteacher. Upon
graduation, the Turkish government sought to assign him to Mardin, a largely
Kurdish town in southeastern Turkey. But the PKK had begun executing
schoolteachers (whom they called state collaborators), and so he, as with of his
classmates, refused to take their positions. The Turkish economy and education
system suffered; southeastern Turkey continues to lag behind the rest of the

Well, Mr Yale got some nice sources! A old-man at a teahouse! Wow!
Guess what Mr Rubin, there are fascists, Kemalists and anti-PKK Kurds that hate everything about PKK and they too like to drink tee at teahouses. So did Mr Rubin asked a pro-Kurdish Kurd about this? Nope.

Turkey has in the past several times, used gendarmes to portray “PKK” wearing their cloths and shouting pro-Kurdish and then killing teachers and pro-Kurdish activities. Many gendarmes have relatives in the PSK (Socialist Party Kurdistan) which is a revival (envy) small political party.

Read this:
“The conditions under which they are able to return to their native villages, however, is a subject of controversy. Only those willing to sign a government form stating that their village was attacked by terrorists - synonymous in Turkey with the PKK - are allowed to return, human rights organizations and Kurdish political parties claim.” from: http://csmonitor.com/2003/0403/p09s01-woeu.html and see other links

“I spent August 2000 in Diyarbakir, the largest town in south-eastern Turkey,
waiting for permission to cross into northern Iraq. Diyarbakir was emerging from
years of terrorism and insurgency. Hotels were empty and streets deserted at
night. Taking a public bus to Van, seven hours away near the Iranian border,
police stopped us more than a dozen times to check identity cards and bags, and
to make sure there were no PKK among us.”

Gee, could it be that there was a curfew or a 15-year state of emergency just being lifted? Could it be that the Kurdish cities receives very little governmental support? Gee.. could it be that the Turks not developing the area so the Kurds stay in misery hence not letting them in power in the society? What do they teach in Yale?

“On July 4, 2003, U.S. forces in Sulaymaniyah detained a Turkish commando force
operating illegally in Iraq. Turkish authorities leaked the incident to the
press. U.S. officials say that the Turkish commandoes had in their possession
documents indicating that they sought to assassinate a Kirkuk political figure;
Turkish authorities deny this.”

Yes, Mr Rubin. Turkey is good at these operations. But Mr Rubin is very egger to write “Turkish authorities deny this” BS. Why did he not bother asking the pro-Kurds them? Come on!

“As we continued on from the de facto PKK checkpoint, we could see from the
roadside a well-tended PKK graveyard and also a permanent PKK compound under
camouflage, mesh netting. Twice rounding bends beneath high bluffs, we saw
automatic weapon-toting PKK fighters over looking the road.”

What is wrong with a graveyard for martyrs? Is it not allowed for Kurds in their own land? These true freedom fighters die in battle with a barbaric army that you country provides weapon are not allowed to have their grave in their homeland? What is wrong with this issue?

“Local farmers would complain about the PKK, which extorts taxes and seizes land
and property. "All of us know where the PKK is. Any of us could point out where
they are, if the U.S. army asked," one old farmer said.”

Give me a B, give me a S.

“...was a sentiment that was expressed by various elders in different villages.
Karim Khan Bradosti, the tribal leader in the area, has repeatedly offered
assistance and cooperation to American forces in the fight against the PKK.”

Karim Khan Bradosti, a local mobster family that lives rich on dirty affairs and creating small tribal armies to control large villages and gain wealth and money. Another great Rubin source! Did they not teach to check sources? Mr Rubin, please check out my sources Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, what the heck check even for your pro-Turkish State Department to find out more about your pals at the Turkish army.

“Nearly 3,000 Americans would be alive today had the Clinton administration not
left unaddressed a vacuum in Afghanistan. Our impotence toward the PKK threatens
to undermine our credibility not only in Turkey, but also in our fight against
terrorists and states like Lebanon which provide them safe haven. With regard to
the PKK, the stakes are higher. Not only is the president's credibility on the
line, but so too is a 50-year partnership with one of our most valuable allies.”

Is this an other liberal democrat that wants to take shoots at Bush by using the Kurdish course? Blaming the victims? Denying the truth about Turkey’s sickness? What a bastard! Pardon me.
Summery: Mr Rubin’s profile states this: Political adviser, Coalition Provisional Authority (Baghdad), 2003-2004 No wonder why we wore screwed by the Americans over the TAL. With this anti-Kurd we don’t need any fascist Turks as advisors.

Get this fact straight. I love the American people, for their nationalism and patriotism but mostly for their belief in freedom. If the USA attacks the PKK hell will break out in south Kurdistan (north Iraq).

The KDP and PUK know better. If they let Turkey and USA destroy the PKK then Turkey will become even more powerful and making them more weaker.

The PKK has supporters in Iran, Syrian, Iraq and Turkey, making it the largaest political Kurdish party in the World. And over 100 000 members living in Europe. By attacking them just to make a barbaric ally happy is not worth of making 20 or so millions Kurdish enemies.

Not mentioning all the anti-American Muslims that will laugh at me for the rest of my life, right? :(

Mr Rubins knows that too, he cannot be that dumb? He must know the crimes of the Turkish army, right? I mean all those years at Yale must have learned him some thing about the TRUTH................................

God Bless Kurdistan, and the USA ...May we always be friends... since we share the passion for freedom...

I will be off for a busniess trip, will be back soon to write more..

The Barbaric Turkish Army beheads Kurds

The first image of Turkish soldiers holding heads of Kurds wore published a decade ago. Now again we see how the barbaric Turkish army executes and beheads Kurds.

Many Kurdish Peshmerga (Kurdish Freedom fighters) that are captured gets tortured before getting killed. They cut off ears, fingers and other barbaric behaviour and then they shoot their limbs and then their stomach and leave them to bleed to death.

See images (Too graphic to put them online)

Female Peshmergas that are captured gets raped by a gang of Turks, and then killed. It is disgusting. I don’t have the source anymore, but I am sure it is out there, a high Turkish official commented the rapes as “our guys are young, and they need some fun”.

Why Turkey still is called a democratic country, it’s beyond me. Why there is no media coverage? Is Nato going to be silent on this issue?

I fight every day not to became a racist, I believe that we are all humans are equal, and we are born to this world to live in peace with each other. But seeing these images, and reading the human rights reports and hearing Turks calling Kurds names, I find it hard to fight it. Still we have to fight evil forces in this world without becoming one of them. We have to be better, not bitter.

Turks need a reality check, we are 20 million in “Turkey” and growing fast. You cannot repress 20 millions for 80 years without (pardon my French) hitting the fan with shit, for it will come with the Kurds in south gets more power and recourses to help our brothers and sisters in the north.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

America is a symbol of hope

Many argue that America has “demolished” its symbol of freedom or hope, a statement often used by left-wing Americans and Europeans. But I argue the exact opposite.

The day I heard President Bush gave the historical speech, giving Saddam and his gang 48 hours to leave Iraq, I jumped of joy. In fact, I was so excited that I started to scream so hard that my neighbours thought I was being murdered or something.

No silly UN sanctions, or “diplomatic” 10 years of soft “diplomacy”. Just 48 hours. Beautiful.

Weeks later I realized why I screamed and wept, I tossed furniture at the walls like a mad man, it was not in joy, it was not “yeah get that bustard”, it was hope. Just hope.

I never thought in a million years that I could live to see Saddam’s fall and him and his gang being hold in jails. Never!

Think of man life in prison with no hope of freedom, think of what thoughts he might have. I guess he would never think of hope or freedom, fearing it will only break him more between the walls. Well, we wore life in Saddam’s hell, like the man in prison.

We witnessed death, felt the fear, and tasted or blood, every damn day and every where. At our jobs, schools, hospitals, stores, pictures of Saddam on the wall. Spies on every street. A police and a Baath office in each small area in the city.

Think twice; think hard before you call this war unjust. It brought hope to millions of people. Many paid the highest price, both Americans and Iraqis but history will show how millions wore saved. All thanks to the brave men and women of American army.

48 hours my dear reader.

I knew it was the end of the story. That night I did not slept, the day after that I did not slept an hour. I waited for every single minute to surrender to the deadline. The American tankers racing through the desert into Basra, and finally I could feel the thing they call hope. I could not believe it. I never dared to have hope, and until then.

I never knew that hope would be such a profound thing in your life. It gives us happiness, joy, since of meaning to this life. That’s why I wept for hope.

Have you ever wept for hope?

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Christens killed by Arab Islamists

Christens in Iraq (Assyrians “Asori” and chaladins) are one of the most peaceful and kind people in Iraq.

In the city of Hawler, they have their own area called Ankawa. Many times I have been their and find it very pleasant and friendly people.

What strikes me most about the Assyrians in Iraq is that they don’t demand as much political power as they want, at least not publicly. Maybe they fear, being a very little minority in Iraq that they might be in great danger if politics goes bad.

Now it has happened according a the Hewal newspaper 24 of July issue, 8 Christian political parties demanded more seats in the Iraqi government from 3 % to 5 or 6 % of the total seats. According to the Assyrians themselves their numbers estimated to 750 000.

In recent days several bombings in Baghdad have targeting churches and Assyrians.

What Assyrians should do, is create a good friendship with the Kurds. I know there are many problems and issues between Assyrians and Kurds. But Kurds will never ever bomb or kill Assyrians based on their political views or religion.

There is a strong support for Assyrians within the political leadership in South Kurdistan that can be extended. If there are any friends of Kurds in Iraq today it must be the Assyrians. I hope that they realize that before it is too late.

Or maybe the Assyrians see a friendship with the Kurds as a possible threat to their “neutral” political stand that they have had for the past years.

The Kurdish leadership must protect the Assyrians from Arab Islamists that want nothing but distraction for Iraq.

Assyrians have every right to demand more politic power and more influence on the future Iraq just like the Arabs, Kurds and the Turkmen.

PART II : The upcoming civil war in Iraq

PART II : The upcoming civil war in Iraq

Kurds all around the world will start organizing demonstrations and friends of Kurds will say that USA is back stabbing the Kurds.

A new decision by Washington will be made to bring back home the army. A new Iraqi army is established consisting of mostly Sunni Arabs and Kurdish “jash” (jash = traitor).

The PUF (new alliance between Kurds in South and North will gain new forces from East Kurdistan, their number will be small but still a major development for the PUF).

The PKK division will intensify their struggle by activating their agents in the major Turkish and Kurdish cities. Every day several Turkish policemen, soldiers, politicians and Kurdish Jash will be killed.

Turkey invades Zaxo and Dohuk, resulting in killing almost 1000 civilians.

A half of million Kurds take refuge in Silemani and parts of Hawler in fear of the Turkish army. Turkey gets warned by the Nato members and EU.

After 30 days Turkey creates a new zone in Kurdistan that includes the Kurdish city Zaxo and draws back the army to the new zone.

The Kurdish people demand a independent state for themselves. And the World still debates on why USA shouldn’t remove Saddam while thousands of people die in Iraq and south Kurdistan.

I guess the story ends there… for now…

One thing is for sure, I will be the first one to join the PUF if ever created. I would prefer to die for freedom and liberty for my people than in age alone on deathbed.