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Monday, July 12, 2004

Shler Amin - a victim of KDP and PUK

Shler Amin Mohammed was 13 years old when some ”known” PUK leaders convinced her to carry TNT on her body to blow up KDP members in 1998. At that time the KDP and the PUK wore trying their best to kill each other and made south Kurdistan to a living hell.

Shler never blow her self up. Naturally, a 13 old child would be afraid to blow up people. Instead she gave up and turned her self to the KDP.

She was put to jail without trail for 3 years. And after 3 years she got her trail and the judge gave 6 years in prison but of course the KDP judge didn’t want to include the 3 years she already spent in the jail.

She still is in jail. After 6 years! She suffers from deep depression and has asked for medical care for years but without any response from the KDP.

Shler Amin Mohammed was a child, a victim of the dirty and shameful bloody conflict between the KDP and PUK. She should be released now. She has paid a huge price. The PUK cowardly wanted to use a child for the dirty war, and the KDP being so unfair and cruel.

Free Shler !



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Very sad indeed

September 19, 2005 at 8:58 AM  

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