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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Killing the Kurdish dream

Along with Turkey, Iran, Syria and most part of the world our and the Kurdish so called “leaders” dose not desire a true independent Kurdistan. You would believe that the Kurdish leadership would fight for their people after so much suffering, but you are wrong. They fight only for their own prosperity and family mafia like business.

They lack the self-confidence as a leader and has no belief in their own people. The days of geruilla organization structure are over. Today they have to be successful in politics and social issues to win the support of the Kurdish people.

At a meeting with some of KDP high-profile leadership, I found out how they blamed their own people for their incompetents and political failure. They say that the people are “not ready” or they “cannot comprehend true democracy or independence” etc. Naturally wanting to come home in one piece I did not argue otherwise.

Their goal today in South Kurdistan is “autonomy” or “some autonomy”. What it means is that the KDP and PUK leadership wants to hold on the privileges that they enjoyed for the passed 12 years via smuggle oil and merchandize. The rest is just a new black Kurdish history. 

We lived for the dream of an untied independent Kurdistan. Not autonomy. Not kind of autonomy. It was the people that paid the price. It was the true poor peshmerga (Kurdish soldiers) families that really give martyr to the war against Iraq. You will never find a single child of a Kurdish leader been killed in battle. They all have fancy European or American passports, they drive the finest car corrupt money can buy, they never stand in line for anything, their houses raise high with full electricity 24/7, and they buy the finest cloths. All thanks to their dads top job. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.

The assassination of the Kurdish dream is centralized, it comes from the top and down to the puppets of KDP and PUK; the so called “ministers. They shall go to history as the worst leaders of Kurdish history. And millions of Kurds will curse them when they fly back to their sweet villas and the large back accounts in their European Banks mean while the Kurdish people and once again left in front of the barrel of the brand new Iraqi guns.

To you leaders, and sons of the leaders and the puppets I tell you:

We will never let your kill our dream. Our brothers and sisters in Mahabad, Sina, Qamisli, Kerkuk, Amed, and ever other part of Kurdistan, shall see the rumble of South Kurdistan. Their struggle is our struggle, their dream is our dream. Biji Kurdistan!

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