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Monday, July 12, 2004

Anti-war people worried about Saddam’s trail

I have respect for pacifists and anti-war people; after all they are just trying to save lives.

Not going into the Iraq war discussion, (we know that we cannot reach a conclusion). I am truly surprised to read many comments on websites and newspaper where people writing about the trail and calling it unfair. Unfair trail?

I think it is wrong to think of the trail as “unfair” or not. I mean, if it is a fair trail he will still recive the maximal penalty. If it is unfair he still will recive the same penalty.

Let me tell you about “unfair” trails. People in Turkey are jailed because they named their children with Kurdish names. Students put out of school and universities and jailed for years because they demanded their basic human rights.

It’s an unfair trail when Kurdish politicians are excuted by Iranian agents, or sencted to jail for years and years.

It’s an unfair trail when children are put to jail because they demonstrate against the Syrian government.

That’s an unfair trail. Before you defend and worry for Saddam’s trail, take a good look at the mirror and be sure that you are looking at a hypocrite.

You have to be a victim to realize and grasp the true nature of living under a tyrant that controls every part of your life. I petty you pacifists and anti-war people.

By the way, in South Sudan 30 000 people wore slaughtered by Arab militias with the help of the Sudan government. Keep me posted on the demonstrations that you guys will be holding against the Sudan government. … (ya, sure right!)


Blogger emigre said...

Fair comment.

But while we are on fairness, it is perhaps an unfair generalisation to assume that all "pacifists" and "anti-war people" write the same things about Saddam's trial. Rather then saying "anti-war people" how about refering to the actual newspaper/website articles you are talking about.

Granted, there are probably some of us anti-war types who do look upon the trial skeptically. Considering Milosevic has been on trial for about a decade now and his trial is still not resolved, one has to wonder whether a rushed Saddam trial might be more in the interests of certain other parties who would rather certain incriminating evidence about their own activities did not come to light. Afterall, there are many other world leaders we would like to see fairly trialed too.

July 13, 2004 at 4:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a similar "anti-war". I have no problem with Saddam facing Iraqi or Kurdish concept of justice. What was broadcast was not a trial, it was a hearing only. But I agree, it is important not to have a silly circus. Saddam must be tried by Iraqis (all Kurdish judges would be okay too), not the stupid World Court. One funny thing I heard is that Saddam wrote the law Article 40 so that he could not be charged for crimes, how clever!;-)On the American end we are worried about American 'errors and mistakes' and who is responsible for all of them! Too bad we can't guarantee true justice on our side.

July 14, 2004 at 7:19 PM  
Blogger aliandra said...

Interesting that in Europe the "anti-war" crowd will still protest the war in Iraq but none of them give a damn about the war in Sudan.

July 15, 2004 at 12:51 PM  
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